The ADDjust A Sec.

The ADDjust A Sec. adds a delay between when the Shutter-Beam detects the subject and when your camera or strobe is fired. This delay is continuously adjustable from 100 uS (.0001 seconds) up to 2 seconds. It allows the subject to move a little before the picture is taken.


Allows subject to move before picture is taken
Flexible & easy to use.

Continuos adjustable delay from 100uS to 2 seconds.
Can tie multiple strobes together for strobotics.
Can create rear curtain flash effects with studio strobes.


Sometimes when using strobes you don't want to take a picture the instant the subject is detected. Rear curtain flash is one example and here is another:

Doc Edgerton's milk drop experiment where you drip a milk drop onto a plate and photograph the splash, is seen in the Woods Electronics banner ad above. The drop hits the IR Beam and the picture would be taken before the drop got down to the plate without a delay. The ADDjust A Sec. slows down the Shutter-Beam's reactions so that the drop can hit the plate and start the coronet, then the picture is taken.


Milk drop experiment with ADDjust A Sec. delay

ADDjust A Sec. used as a strobe delay.


Other Nifty ADDjust A Sec. uses

The ADDjust A Sec. has two outputs one for strobes the second for a camera. The neat thing is that either of the outputs can be used to fire another ADDjust A Sec. This allows daisy chaining of ADDjust A Sec.'s for strobotics.


The ADDjust A Sec. used for Strobotics & Rear Curtain Flash

The ADDjust A Sec. can also be used to simulate rear curtain flash on cameras and strobe units that do not have this feature. This makes your big set of studio strobes available for this nifty feature available only on camera mounted flash units.

Can you think of other applications for the ADDjust A Sec.? Email me.

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