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Its easy really.  All you have to do is place the IR beam in front of your subject. The IR beam is used as an invisible trip wire. Anything that enters the beam is photographed regardless of speed or size.


outiragc.gif (91062 bytes)


Why use IR Beam triggerring?

It's Fast. (1/1,000,000 of a second reaction time)
It's Accurate.
(The edge of the beam is the triggering point.)
It's Reliable. (Never misses the subject, regardless of speed)
It's Repeatable.
(Don't like the results, do it again)
It's Patient. (Never blinks or gets tired until batteries die)


Illustration of various IR Beam angles

The beam can run horizontally, vertically, or at a diagonal. It's an art to hide the reflector and Shutter-Beam so that they are not in the picture.

Illustration on how to change beam shape


To change the shape and extend the length of the beam you can tape the reflector, use multiple reflectors and use different shaped reflectors. The reflectors can be mounted to any non-moving surface with nails, tape, glue etc.

Two IR beams can be hooked up in a Cross beam application for pin point triggering 


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