High Speed Photographs

High speed photography has the unique capability of  capturing events that happen faster than the human eye can see. Holding them frozen in time for our inspection. With one's imagination there is no limit to the uses of the Shutter-Beam with its sound and IR beam triggering.

One thing is for certain. The resultant photographs are stunning. Their very nature demands the viewers attention and quite often they are the basis for award winning photographs.

Check out some of the possibilities below:


Great Hummingbird photos

Let's Go Ballistic

Here comes the bride

Pop goes the weasel
Fun Portraits

Underwater Balloon Pictures
Underwater Balloons

Bugs & Bats pictures
Bugs and Bats

Eggplant Picture
The Blooming Eggplant

Brochure pictures
The Shutter-Beam Brochure
(Great bird landing photo here)

Don't forget, if you have some great photos using our equipment 
that you'd like to share, feel free to email them to me.

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