About Woods Electronics Inc.

Woods Electronics Inc. was born and Incorporated in San Diego county by Lowell Johnson an Electrical Engineer in 1986. Woods was run by Lowell as a consulting firm until about 1991 when he started manufacturing nifty electronic circuits for sale. Lowell met and started working with Steve Yanke (me) in 1991.

I am also an Electrical Engineer. Working mostly in the sales of technical products to technical people. A strong hobby and love of mine has always been photography.

The Shutter-Beam was my idea and Lowell and myself worked closely in the development of the product and its features. The Shutter-Beam was developed mainly from an engineering challenge that I had to photograph a bullet in the air, and the first Shutter-Beam hit the streets in June of 1991.

In 1992 I took over the company and Lowell went on to other things. Since then we have introduced a second improved version of the Shutter-Beam and the ADDjust A Sec., an additional timing circuit that enhances the Shutter-Beam's capabilities


Other camera related products to be introduced, soon. 

We are a small business located near San Diego California at:

Woods Electronics Inc.
14781 Pomerado Rd. #197
Poway, CA 92064

Email woodselec@woodselec.com


Any Questions or comments? Email me.

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