Shutter Release Camera Cords:

Each camera manufacture has its own custom connector that interfaces with its camera. If the camera has wires in its shutter release cord then we can make a cable for that camera. If your camera does not have wires in its shutter release cord, you can still use the BULB setting. If you don't see your camera on this list Email me.



We have cables for the following cameras and manufacturers:


Nikon F4, 8008, MD2,3,4,12,15
Nikon N90
Canon EOS
Canon Rebel X
Minolta Maxxum
Minolta X700



External Power Adapter:

The External Power Adapter is a wall transformer that converts 110 Vac into 12 Vdc for powering the Shutter-Beam from a wall socket.

ADDjust A Sec.

 See the ADDjust A Sec page for a description of it.

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