Shutter-Beam & IR Beam Technology Articles

Believe it or not I'm not the only one writing articles about the Shutter-Beam. Check out these publications and authors for their thoughts and feelings about the Shutter-Beam and other products built by Woods Electronics Inc..


May/2002, Shutterbug Magazine, "??
, By Derrick Hamrick

06/01/2000, Outdoor Photographer, "Freeze-Frame!
Using high-speed flash for stop-action photography"
, By Derrick Hamrick

08/01/96, Outdoor Photographer, "High Speed Nature Action", By: Peter J. Lekos, pg 70.

06/01/96, Photographic, "10 Creative Flash Techniques, #2 Freezing Motion", By: Editors, page 64

05/01/96, Photographic, "25 Great Pro Tips, #2 Catch the Action", By: Editors, page 64
This contains my first published picture! Check the photo credit! 

04/01/96, Photographic, "How to Shoot Special Effects, #7", By: Editors, page 72,73

04/01/96, Photographic, "Pepper Splashdown(IR Beam use)", By: Kurt Fashimpaur, page 64 
(Kurt didn't use a Shutter-Beam but he did use an IR Beam... Good picture.)

Nov/Dec 95, Nature Photographer, "Photo Essentials" By: Editors, pg 43.

08/01/95, Shutterbug, "A Simple Infrared Beam tripper" By: B. "Moose" Peterson., pg 132.
Another GREAT ARTICLE Look it up!

Summer 95, Shutterbug's Outdoor & Nature, "The Spotting Scope, Focusing on New Products"
By. Editors, pg 108.

07/01/95, PSA Journal, "New Tools", By: Sil Horwitz FPSA, pg 7

05/01/95, Photo Electronic Imaging, "Tech Talk Optical & Acoustical Trigger", By: William Hyzer, pg 46

03/01/95, Photographic "25 Outdoor Accessories, #3" By: Editors, page 14

12/01/94, Photographic Buyers Guide, "90+ACCESSORIES, #42", By: Editors, pg 178

11/01/94, Outdoor Photographer, "A Leopard Alone" By: Frans Lanting, pg 34
(Again Frans did not use a Shutter-Beam, but he did use an IR Beam. Check it out!)

08/01/94, Photographic, "150+ACCESSORIES, #79", By: Editors, page 67

08/01/93, Photographic, "150+ACCESSORIES, #8", By: Editors, page 60

08/01/93, Outdoor & Travel Photography, "New Products", By: Editors, page 80

07/01/93,PhotoPro, "Innovations" , By: Bob Shell, pg.57

06/01/92, Darkroom & Creative Camera Techniques, Mastering Black-and White Photography, Vol.II,
"Using Photoelectric Camera Control", By: Donald Rubbelke, Pg 19



New Product Releases

Hey, they're a good source of information. And free too!

07/01/91 Photomethods
07/01/91 Professional Photographer
12/01/92 PMA Sales Counter
01/01/93 The Rangefinder
07/01/93 Darkroom & Creative Camera Techniques pg 55
08/01/93 Outdoor & Travel Photography pg 80
12/01/94 Outdoor Photographer pg 94
12/01/94 Photo District News "ADDjust A Sec" NPR
03/01/95 Photo Elecronic Imaging pg 50
03/01/95 The Commercial Image(Industrial Photographer) pg 45
04/01/95 Lasers & Optronics pg 36
04/01/95 Advanced Imaging pg 69

Award Winning Photographs

Here are some places where you can find award winning photographs that were taken with the aid of IR Beam and Sound Triggering. You can do it too! Congratulations to all the winners.


1995 WildBird Photo Contest:

Grand Prize: Tom Webb, "Northern Waw-whet Owl returning to nest", used electric eye.


1994 Nation Wildlife Federation Photo Contest Dec/Jan 1995:

1st Place Wildlife: Derrick Hamrick "Flying Squirrel", Used IR Beam
Merit: Ed Erkes, "Paper Wasps", used IR Beam

Two of the eight pictures that won awards and were published this year were taken with IR Beam technology. Honestly, neither were taken with the Shutter-Beam, BUT both of Derrick and Ed have purchased the Shutter-Beam now that they know of its existence! Not bad ehhhh..




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