Shutter-Beam Brochure Pictures


Here is the front and back page of the Shutter-Beam Brochure.

The front picture was taken by one of my customers. Pete Lekos. He is extremely talented and has a ton of winner shots just like this one. Unfortunately he is not on the web yet so this is the only example of his work on the web, to my knowledge.. If you like his work, Email me and I will pass it on.

The back page is one of my shots.. It occurred to me that I should use the Shutter-Beam to add a little impact to my own product photography.  Here is an apple being blown up by a firecracker.  (Kids, don't try this without adult supervision).


                Shutter-Beam Catalog front         Shutter-Beam Catalog back


These images can also be seen at Catalog City. Check it out, it's a neat place, just do a search on the Shutter-Beam...

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