Calculate your camera's Shutter Propagation Delay 
(using the Shutter-Beam)

Here is a simple experiment that you can do with a Shutter-Beam that will calculate your cameras Shutter Propagation Delay. Perform this test several times and average your results. Turn various features on and off with your camera and retest.


Formulas and experiment setup

1: Set up Shutter-Beam as shown with ruler
2: Drop a golf ball and let Shutter-Beam take picture as it falls.
3: Repeat drop at least 3 times.
4: Change a couple of camera setting and repeat.
5: Develop film.
6: Read free-fall distance from pictures and plug into formula.

Remember it is not as important to know the exact shutter propagation 
delay as it is to know and recognize that your camera has this delay.


Here's a couple of delays that have been given to me:

Nikon 8008 with meter on/ focus off/ camera awake: 85mS
Nikon 8008 with meter on/ focus off/ camera a sleep: >250mS
Nikon F4 with meter on/ focus off/mirror up: 40mS
Canon 1n meter on/ focus off/ camera awake: 90mS
Canon 1n meter on/ focus off/ mirror up: 12mS
Canon 1n RS meter on/ focus off/: 7mS

Remember these are approximate values and your 
camera may have a slightly different delay.

Have you performed this experiment? Email me your results.

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