The Shutter-Beam is the best product on the market today, but don't take my word for it. Here is what others are saying about the Shutter-Beam. Scroll on down through some of these. You may even recognize some of them. 

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A Partial Quote List:

B. "Moose" Peterson, Professional Nature Photographer

"The Shutter-Beam, A photographer's best Assistant"

"Nature photographers are always on the prowl for a piece of equipment that makes their life easier. And if that same piece of equipment can make the "impossible" possible at the same time, a mad rush is on. Well take heed, such a piece of equipment is here and it has been here for some time but kept a guarded secret."

John Gilmore, Professional Photographer

"The Shutter-Beam is an example to all!, Its so easy to align I don't mind moving it around."

Peter Skinner, Professional Photographer

" You've got a real winner here."

Allen Carrasco, Professional Photographer

(While shooting a 120 frames of the golf club impacting a golf ball.)

"Choosing one of these shots is going to be like sifting through gems. There all perfect!"

Dr. Peter Lekos, Award winning Photographer

"The Shutter-Beam is fantastic! The Output Lockout delay is extremely useful. Thank you for producing this product! Now that I have seen and used the Shutter-Beam I'll never go back."

Derick Hamerick, Award winning Photographer - 1995 National Wildlife Federation 1st place Wildlife "Jumping Squirrel"

"I've used the competition for years to capture many award winning and published photographs, the Shutter-Beam makes it obsolete, its like comparing a Volkswagen to a Mercedes, there is no comparison."

Lt Col Edward O. Erkes: Award winning Photographer - 1995 National Wildlife Federation honorable mention "Paper Wasps"

"I recently received my order for the Shutter-Beam and ADDjust A Sec. and I'm very pleased with these products. I had been considering the Dale Beam for purchase but after reviewing specifications, I decided that your product was superior. After some trial tests, I must admit I'm very impressed with the Shutter-Beam."

".... I'm returning the duplicate slide of the paper wasps. You have my permission to use it in your sales brochure. I hope it helps sell your product."

Dr. Merlin Tuttle, Bat Conservation International, Inc.

(An excerpt from his "How I Photograph Bats" document.)

".... I sometimes use a Shutter-Beam from: Woods Electronics Inc., 14781 Pomerado Road #197, Poway, CA 92064 (760)788-9906. This infrared beam will trigger a sironar lens with a built-in shutter (camera open on bulb setting) quickly enough to stop a flying bat before it moves too far past the beam....."

Barry O'Neill, Call of the Wild Photography

(Barry photographed the reintroduction of Wolves into Yellowstone in April 95.)

"Thank you for all the help you gave me with the Wolf project. Your Shutter-Beams worked flawlessly."

Jim Koregelos, Photographer

"I recently used your Shutter-Beam to shoot hummingbirds at Jack Wilburn's Nature Reflections site in Rescue California. The Results were fantastic. Properly centered shots increased from 20 to over 90 percent. Amazing. At one particular time my Minolta 9xi captured 36 shots in less than ten minutes with the Shutter-Beam. Thank you for your kind unlimited after sales service on the telephone.

I highly recommended the use of your excellent product to my brother for his Nikon F4 and his order is enclosed.

Jim Koregelos"


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