Favorite Web Sites

Here are some of my favorite web sites that deal with High Speed Photography and other cool subjects. Your welcome to keep on browsing, but please come back.



Great Photo sites:

Moose's web site
Joe McDonald's Wildlife Photography 
HOWI Foto (In Dutch)

High Speed Photography Related sites:

Mike Brown's Web site.
Andrew Davidhazy, Professor, Imaging and Photographic Technology, RIT
(lots of bullet stuff, wasps in flight, splashes, articles, etc.)
High Speed Flash photography for Amateurs Photographers. By Loren Winters.
Edgerton Educational Center
Diana's Cool Site (Awesome mouse trap shot)
Phantom Digital HS Video Systems
(great info on High frame rate video systems.)

Photo Search sites:

Mining Co. Photography Guide
(great place for photo related stuff)

Tech Photo
(Discussion board for lots of photo categories)

Other Photo sites:

Imaginality - Jane Davenport's On-line gallery of bug and flower photographs


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