Camera Interface

The Shutter-Beam interfaces with any camera with an electronic contact closure remote shutter release cord. (That means, wires in the remote shutter release.) The Shutter-Beam simply pushes the button on your remote shutter release when triggered.

Requires wires in the remote shutter release cord
Camera output is a contact closure
Shutter-Beam replaces finger on shutter release

THE TRICK: Getting the connector that fits your camera.


Camera hooked to Shutter-Beam via remote cord.


The Shutter-Beam controls the cameras shutter release through a modified remote shutter release cord. It simply pushes the button when it detects a subject.


Modified Shutter Release Cord


All camera manufacturers use a different connector for their remote shutter release cords. Often they are proprietary connectors made only by the manufacturer of the camera. The Shutter-Beam uses a standard 2.5mm phone jack for an output that is available at any electronics store. Typically we have to purchase the cameras remote shutter release cord and cut off the plunger and hook up the 2.5mm phone plug.


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